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The undisputed King of Rock and Roll in his life, Elvis was already a legend when he died.

Born in Mississippi and brought up in a humble home in Tennessee, The King shook the world with his hip-thrusting interpretation of blues, country and gospel – introducing rock’n’roll to rapt teens and the chagrin of conservative post-war society.

Young people went wild for the star and his sensational music. Before long, he was on TV and with songs including Heartbreak Hotel and Hound Dog had hit after hit. When he performed live, screaming fans virtually drowned his vocals out.

With his pin-up good looks, he was soon making movies – his first feature was Love Me Tender – while fans went crazy over him when he took his show on the road.

Called up for National Service, a media circus ensued when he first stepped off the bus to report for duty. Later stationed in Germany, he donated his army pay to charity, was generous with his comrades and during his time here, began a seven-year courtship with his future wife, Priscilla.

Elvis returned to making films and music and in 1968, staged the first of the sensational ‘comebacks’ his later career would be punctuated by, along with glittering Las Vegas residencies.

Elvis’s sudden death in 1977 came as such a shock to many of his fans that many refused to accept it, some even to this day. His palatial Memphis home, Graceland, where he is buried, has become a place of pilgrimage.

His legacy has inspired millions in music, film portrayals and the unusual phenomenon of thousands of impersonators who make successful a living, appearing as the star at various stages of his career.

One way or another, The King will always be on our minds.