Credit: Shutterstock/Carrie Fisher

I want it reported that I drowned in moonlight, strangled by my own bra

The energetic, witty actress whose carefree attitude and natural charm made her one of the brightest stars in cinema, Carrie Fisher was also a proud advocate of mental health awareness and supporting conversations about substance abuse and the pitfalls of celebrity.

The daughter of two superstars in their own rights - Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher - Carrie’s father left when she was just two, after he embarked on a well-publicised affair with Elizabeth Taylor. She was known as ‘the bookworm’, as she found solace and comfort in reading as much as possible, and writing her own poetry. Her first acting role was in a Broadway play starring her mother, and from then on didn’t look back.

She became world famous for her role as Princess Leia in 1977s Star Wars, the iconic space opera that has become ingrained in popular culture. After three Star Wars movies, she continued to star in films throughout the 80s. When Harry Met Sally and Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters were hits, but nothing could come close to the stardom that she achieved as Leia.

In her later life, Fisher published several books that detailed and satirised her struggles with drug addiction and mental health. She was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and she talked about her diagnosis publicly and frankly, helping others come to terms with their own struggles. Her candour and courage endeared her to millions, and her legacy is one of laughter and bravery as much as it is Princess Leia.