Credit: Shutterstock/Natalie Cole

I’m an ordinary person under extraordinary circumstances

The daughter of legendary jazz musician and singer Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole became a singing star in her own right, with the release of the hit album Inseparable in 1975.

During her career, Natalie would rack up hit after hit, including This Will Be, Sophisticated Lady and Pink Cadillac, with an eventual nine Grammy awards testament to her success. She also covered some of her father’s own memorable hits, including Mona Lisa and duetted with his recorded voice on a hit version of Unforgettable.

Natalie was just 15 years old when her father died. She had begun to take an interest in singing at the age of just six, when her dad had given her a tape recorder to sing into. However, she didn’t initially plan to have a music career, graduating from university with a degree in child psychology.

Natalie’s final album, released two year before her death, was a collection of songs sung in Spanish. She sold over 30 million records during her career, making her a bestselling artist who was beloved worldwide.