Credit: Creative Commons / Jeff Hitchcock

I love revolutionaries who have the courage stand up against the status quo

If you were of a certain age at as certain time, Richard Hatch will be instantly recognisable as Captain Apollo, space fighter pilot and hero of the late Seventies science fiction series, Battlestar Galactica.

Alongside Dirk Benedict (who later played Face on The A-Team) and Lorne Green, Hatch was one of the most well-known faces on the show, which emerged in the wake of the enormous success of Star Wars in 1977.

Many actors grow weary of being continuously associated with one particular role. Not Hatch, who continuously fought to revive the series for many years after it was cancelled.

“I happen to be one of those rare actors that actually loves very intelligent and well-acted science fiction,” he admitted. He even went so far as to write a series of books based around the premise of the Battlestar.

When the series was resurrected to enormous success in the 21st century, he had a small part in the new version of the show and took great pleasure in making personal appearances as sci-fi conventions: “The most out-of-the-box entertaining week or weekends you’ll ever have,” he said.

He will be remembered as an iconic figure in late 20th century science fiction.