Credit: Shutterstock/Patrick McGoohan

Music makes a quiet mind

Best known for his portrayal of the unnamed ex-spy, Number 6, in The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan had a career that began in the 1950s and stretched all the way into the new millenium.

McGoohan was born in Queens, New York City, but was raised in Ireland and the UK, primarily in Sheffield before being evacuated to Loughborough, Leicestershire during World War II. He returned to Sheffield after leaving school at 16 where he took up a number of varied roles before becoming a stage manager at Sheffield Repertory Theater. When one of the actors became ill before a performance, Patrick was asked to step in and thus began his acting career.

Initially he split his time between screen and stage, with roles including Starbuck in Orson Welles's production of Moby Dick - Rehearsed and minor roles in films such as The Dam Busters. His big break would come in the form of Danger Man, a TV series in which he would play a spy named John Drake; a role which would set the tone for much of his future career.

The part that would cement his name in the common consciousness for decades to come would be in 1967’s The Prisoner, which Patrick co-created. The stark visuals and uniquely sci-fi concepts blended with spy fiction themes have resonated throughout popular culture. Despite only having one season of seventeen episodes, the program has been referenced, remade, homaged, parodied and honoured in mediums ranging from animation to feature films and role playing games to radio plays.