Credit: Shutterstock/Carole Lombard

Personally, I resent being tagged ‘glamour girl.’ It’s such an absurd, extravagant label

For a time the highest paid star in Hollywood, Carole Lombard began her acting career at the age of 12 and would go on to change the face of cinema. Her signature roles were found in the new genre of screwball comedies which she would come to define.

As a young girl she was described as “a free-spirited tomboy” and at junior high she was involved in tennis, volleyball and swimming as well as winning medals for her gymnastics. It was her love of sports that landed Carole her first role when director Allan Dwan saw her “knocking the hell out of the other kids, playing better baseball than they were” and realised he had a role in his upcoming film for her.

From her first appearance on screen it wasn’t long before Carole was a career actress and by age 16 she was under contract with Fox Studios. While they ultimately didn’t have confidence in her as a leading lady, she used her time there to gain profile in Hollywood. She was later signed by the Mack “The King of Comedy” Sennett and really found her place.

As the 1930s rolled round and the screwball comedy genre began to explode, she was perfectly situated with experience in comedic roles and a wealth of natural talent that guaranteed her success. The public fell in love with her in films such as Love Before Breakfast and Swing High, Swing Low. She was so popular that on a war bond drive in Las Vegas she raised over $2million, the equivalent of over $34million in today's money. It was returning from this remarkable experience that her plane tragically crashed, killing everyone on board.