Credit: Shutterstock/Michael Winner

Personally, I do not require an honour to tell me I am a marvellous person

Ever happy to court controversy, Michael Winner carved out a long lived career both as a film director and food critic. His filmography is extensive and includes multiple projects alongside longtime collaborators Oliver Reed and Charles Bronson.

Michael was born in Hampstead, London and took to writing at an early age. By 14 he had a column in the Kensington Post called Michael Winner's Showbiz Gossip. He followed this up at University by becoming the university newspaper’s youngest ever editor. After he graduated he wrote another film and show business column that would give him access to stars of the day such as Jimmy Stewart and Marlene Dietrich.

By the late 1950s he’d decided to move from writing about films to writing films for himself. He wrote, directed and edited two short films that were financed by his father. As the 1960s rolled round, Winner started getting work as a feature film director in Britain and it wasn’t long before he made the move to Hollywood.

For the next two decades Michael made box office hits like Death Wish alongside indie cult classics such as The Sentinel before returning fulltime to his home in the UK. He spent the latter part of his life as a restaurant critic and television personality. In 2007 he married Geraldine Lynton-Edwards whom he had met in 1957, saying “It's 50 years since I met the lady. You could say this is the longest courtship in the history of the world.”