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I’ve never worried about the grand concepts

Despite his shabby appearance and apparently amateurish absent-minded manner, TV detective Columbo always solved the case. Brilliantly played by Peter Falk for 35 years, the actor won four Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for the role.

“Oh, sir, there’s just one more thing” became his catchphrase, casually dropped towards the end of an apparently light-hearted conversation with a suspect. Regular viewers could rest assured that the “thing” in question would be the clincher that would prove incontrovertibly, that the suspect was guilty of murder.

Peter, who wore a glass eye after a childhood illness cost him his right eye, enjoyed a distinguished career on stage, screen and TV outside his most famous role. He was twice nominated for Academy awards, in later life enjoying roles such as the grandfather in The Princess Bride.

First appearing on TV in 1957, he featured in scores of TV films and series, making his final television acting credit at the age of 81.

Columbo was undeniably his most famous part. Falk said he drew on aspects of his own personality for the part of the detective, wryly observing that, like the lieutenant, he was "obsessive, relentless, meticulous about his work and definitely not a good dresser."