Michael Jackson/ Shutterstock.com

I'm never pleased with anything. I'm a perfectionist, it's part of who I am

Michael Jackson was hailed as the greatest pop act in the world in his lifetime. In terms of chart success, only Elvis, Frank Sinatra and the Beatles come close to the King of Pop.

Born in Gray, Indiana, Michael was famous from early childhood as a member of the Jackson 5 alongside his older brothers, with songs including ABC and Can You Feel It among their massive hits.

Michael went on to huge solo success with the album Off the Wall, followed up by the phenomenal Thriller. The world began trying to moonwalk like Michael, as he debuted the incredible backwards-slo-mo dance move on the Billie Jean video. The title track’s video was a never-seen-the-like-before scary movie short. Since its release in 1982, Thriller has sold well over 50 million copies.

Jackson reinvented himself with every new album, while dramatic – and later, startling – changes to his physical appearance did not go unremarked. Nor, too, did speculation over the eccentric and childlike behaviour that fans put down to Jackson’s lack of an ordinary childhood growing up in the spotlight.

Michael had been rehearsing for a spectacular live show during the time leading up to his death. More recently, his brothers have put together a new show performing again as the Jackson 5, with a hologram of the King of Pop making a singing and dancing appearance.