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We’re on a mission from God

Blues Brothers star John Belushi rose to fame on the back of appearances on the back of his appearances on the legendary US comedy show Saturday Night Live.

The older brother of actor Jim Belushi, John only made three films but made a huge impact in all of them. He was memorable in the raucous comedy, National Lampoon’s Animal House and was one of the best things in Steven Spielberg’s 1941, although the film itself was a flop.

Most famously, he starred alongside his Saturday Night Live pal, Dan Aykroyd in John Landis’s chaotic comedyThe Blues Brothers, regarded today as an all-time cult classic.

John was unfazed by the fuss: “Some comedians love their characters,” he once said.

“I don’t fall in love with mine. In fact, I get tired of them very fast. You have to be willing to throw it all away.”

John worked and played hard. Too hard in the end – he was found dead of heroin overdose in a hotel room on Sunset Boulevard, aged just 33. The actor had been lined up to appear in Ghostbusters.

As a tribute to him, the blockbuster films’ ghoulish animated character Slimer became an affectionate parody – with his habit of grabbing food off passing hotel trolleys among the telltale features inspired by the star’s quirky ways.