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The best revenge is massive success

My Way singer Francis Albert Sinatra was many different things to many people: Ol’ Blue Eyes, The Chairman of the Board, and The Voice who wowed all who heard him.

The New Jersey-born star was the one of the most distinctive and iconic voices of the 20th century in a career which spanned six decades. He was the first singer to inspire audiences to virtual hysteria and screaming; with teenage fans in ankle socks becoming known as Bobby Soxers.

Frank was also a major movie star, winning an Oscar for his role in From Here To Eternity and also starring in Guys and Dolls and The Manchurian Candidate.

He was also a member of the band of hellraising entertainers known as the Rat Pack, which included Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr in their number. Anecdotal accounts suggest Frank’s friendships also included members of the Mafia, although he always refuted these associations.

Frank’s concerts and residencies in Las Vegas helped it establish as a glittering show town, as well as the casino capital of the world. The star married four times, notably to Hollywood stars Ava Gardner and (the much younger) Mia Farrow, and enjoyed numerous high-profile relationships.

Frank retired in 1970, but by 1973 was back on stage again - and six years later the recording studio. To mark his 80th birthday in 1995, the Empire State Building was lit up in blue. It would be similarly illuminated in his honour when he died. In Las Vegas, the roulette wheels stopped spinning for a minute’s stillness.

His epitaph reads: The Best is Yet to Come, a famous line from the very last song Ol’ Blue Eyes sang in public.