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Work is fun to me… Two weeks is too long to not know what my next job will be

Movie star and East Rider icon Dennis Hopper really was born to be wild, with drugs, alcohol and rehab a famous part of a life which also included many unforgettable film roles.

Hopper had a long career: as a young man he appeared alongside James Dean in Rebel Without A Cause and had early roles in John Wayne western True Grit and legendary chain gang drama Cool Hand Luke. It was his role as the long-haired co-star and director of counterculture classic Easy Rider which really made him a star though.

The actor married five times and was going through a bitter divorce at the time of his death. One marriage lasted only eight days. “Seven of those days were pretty good. The eighth day was the bad one,” he joked.

He later regretted his years of drink and substance abuse but nevertheless still managed great performances in films like Apocalypse Now. In his final years, after a terrifying comeback in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, he made up for lost time, delivering numerous performances often playing the villain in films like Speed and Waterworld.

“There are moments that I've had some real brilliance, you know,” he said, towards the end of his life. “But I think they are moments. And sometimes, in a career, moments are enough.”