Credit: Shutterstock/Eva Cassidy

I have the easiest job in the world. All I have to do is sing and play the guitar

Born into a musical family and growing up in Bowie, Maryland, Eva Cassidy achieved her greatest success only after her death, which led to the release of her much-loved album, Songbird.

The folk, blues and jazz singer songwriter was well-known in Washington, where she was a respected member of the music scene, and played live sets regularly until only months before she died of the cancer she had been diagnosed with and treated for.

Among the reviews of her first posthumously-released album Eva by Heart one critic described Eva’s voice as one of the greatest of her generation.

Two years after Eva died, Songbird began to be played on British radio. On it was her beautiful take on Over the Rainbow – which has become among the most popular songs for both weddings and funerals. Over the years, Eva’s music has won more and more fans, and today, she is one of the best-selling recording artists of all time.

“I really like to create the sound of a choir the most,” she once said. “If you could see what the sound of it looks like when I shut my eyes and listen, you'd see the sound as angels spanning across the universe.”