Credit: Shutterstock/Saeed Jaffrey

My mother used to go into parties and bring the drama back home. She used to mimic all the guests, that’s where I got my inspiration

A star of cinema, television and stage, A passage to India actor Saeed Jaffrey’s prolific career spanned over six decades.

Born into a well-to-do family in India and educated at an English public school, Saaed had initial visions of a media career after completing a masters degree.

He began work at a radio station, but before long had founded a theatre company in Delhi staging Shakespeare productions, before heading to America to study theatre – where he also toured in plays by the Bard.

Saeed found work at the BBC World Service when he came to the UK – not only able to interpret characters, but act in the several languages he spoke fluently, in plays for listeners overseas.

Saeed’s first marriage was to actress and cookery writer Madhur Jaffrey, with who he had three children – their actress daughter Sakina has found Hollywood success.

Saeed himself became a household name in the UK after taking the lead in gritty TV drama series Gansters, with roles in Ghandi, The Man Who Would Be King, My Beautiful Laundrette, cementing his presence on the big screen.

He also made more than 100 films in India – and like seasoned stars Sir Ian McKellen and Robert Vaughn, even had a stint treading the cobbles on Coronation Street.