Credit: Shutterstock/Nancy Friday

Fantasy isn’t something you run out of

Nancy Friday was a pioneer of the women’s sexual liberation movement of the 1970s, shocking – and thrilling – people with her interview-based books charting the erotic fantasies of ordinary women.

Starting out as a magazine journalist her revealing books, including My Secret Garden, became bestsellers in the 1970s - although some critics suggested they were a little too titillating to be regarded as a serious feminist take on the female sexual psyche.

Her books were groundbreaking in an era when sexual interests and fantasies were rarely covered in women’s magazines, let alone open conversation. Yet critics suggested her books weren’t analytical enough to be regarded as scientific, nor in tune with the feminist movement’s agenda.

Born in Pittsburgh, Friday began her first bestseller while living in London, moving back to the US when her first marriage ended. Although times have changed, her books are still in print today.