Credit: Shutterstock/Tom Clancy

No matter what you or anyone else does, there will be someone who says that there's something bad about it.

Few writers can boast of the level of fame and fortune that Tom Clancy achieved during his lifetime, selling over 100 million books and his works being adapted into films, TV series and games to both critical and public acclaim.

The author was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where he lived and worked until his debut novel The Hunt for Red October was published in 1984. It was a popular novel, but not a bestseller, until US President Ronald Reagan personally endorsed the book. This propelled sales and cemented Clandy as a bestselling author. The novel would go on to be successfully adapted to film in 1990, starring Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery among others in an all star cast.

Clancy’s books would be further adapted into just about every other medium possible, with highly successful TV shows, short films, video games, comic books, and even board games being franchised with Clancy’s name front and center. Somewhat bizarrely, the name ‘Tom Clancy’ was sold in 2008 to the games company Ubisoft for an undisclosed fee, meaning that the Author could no longer use his own name to advertise anything but books!

Twice married and a lifelong republican, Clancy’s politics proved to be divisive, with his books all exhibiting a clear-cut black and white world, where the US was invariably the saviour against a hostile foe. His love for the military complex was clear - in his garden he kept a genuine World War Two era tank, which was given to him as a Christmas present from his first wife.

his legacy of the ‘techno-thriller’ remains as popular as ever. Author Jon Land said of him ‘Tom Clancy defined an era, not just of thrillers but of pop culture in general...No one encapsulated the mindset and mentality of the Reagan era more’.