Credit: Shutterstock/Fats Domino

Righteous thoughts are my secret

Born Antoine Domino Jr. in New Orleans, young Fats Domino did not have a privileged youth. He left school after fourth grade to start working. But his talent was soon to show. He learned piano from a family member at the age of 10 and it would take him to greatness.

By the age of 14, he was touring clubs and playing. He got his big break (and his nickname) from bandleader Billy Diamond, who asked him to join his band at the Hideaway Club.

In 1949 he signed to play one of the first ever recorded rock and roll albums. He negotiated a deal where he was paid by percentages rather than a fixed fee. It turned out to be a great move as the record sold over a million copies!

Hits kept coming. His most famous, Blueberry Hill, was just one of over 60 singles recorded and 40 Top Ten hits by 1963. He was one of the first musicians inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has received many other accolades.

He was married to Rosemary, and they had eight children together, each of their names starting with A.

Fats Domino died of natural causes in his beloved New Orleans, aged 89.