Credit: Shutterstock/Jackie Milburn

A spice of devil, skilful positional play, accurate shooting with either foot, split-second passing and neat headwork, these are the chief assets of a centre forward

Wor Jackie (our Jackie) was the nickname of one of Newcastle United Football Club's most beloved sons, John Edward Thompson "Jackie" Milburn. A footballer later famed for his skill, he was born in 1924 with humble beginnings as a coal miner's son.

He signed on with United at the tender age of 19, but local recognition of his talent was immediate. He had to wait until the Second World War ended for the Football League to recommence. Once life began to return to normal, his speed and prolific goalscoring abilities were soon admired by a wider audience.

In 1955, he scored the opening goal in the FA Cup Final a mere 45 seconds from kickoff, a record which stood until 1997. Another record achievement – the highest goals scored in Newcastle United's history – was only surpassed by Alan Shearer in 2006.

A modest person, Jackie Milburn said of his testimonial match, “I was worried to death that no-one would turn up. Ten years is a long time. People forget". But over 45,000 people came to cheer him on.

Over a thousand mourners attended Jackie Milburn's funeral in 1988 and around 10,000 lined the streets of Newcastle to watch his cortege pass. A statue in his honour now stands outside St. James Park, United's home ground.