24 January 2018

When we’re remembering someone, their birthday or an anniversary can take on new and special significance as an angelversary day. It can be a time for sharing memories or for special reflection.

Lauren, a blogger from Reading, says she enjoys writing letters to her Grandad on his angelversary.

It helps me focus on my memories of him

“Throughout school and university, my Grandad loved to help me go over my work before I handed it in,” she says.

“Before he passed away, I promised I would always keep writing to him. So, this year I took half an hour out of my day to write to him about everything that had happened in my life.”

Whatever day you choose to be an angelversary, experts say that focusing on positive memories can help you feel closer and connected to someone.

Reflecting over an old journal

“Writing to Grandad helps me focus on my memories of him and makes me feel like he is still a big part of my life,” says Lauren.

TV presenter Jeff Brazier says that Jade Goody’s birthday is a day when his two boys, Bobby, 14, and Freddy, 13, decide on doing something that’s completely dedicated to their mum’s memory.

“I’ve also learned along the way you can take the weight out of the big days by introducing a monthly day. We have ‘Mummy’s Day,” he says.

A woman walking through a beautiful woodland

There may be times that the angelversary is when you want to take a day off work and have a bit of time to yourself. On others, you may want to invite friends and family to share and celebrate how much they all loved that person.

The way you mark an angelversary may become a tradition, or change from year to year.

Follow your heart.

##Celebrate their memory

  • Play their favourite song

It’s incredible how certain songs can bring back special memories. Create a dedicated playlist of someone’s favourite songs for their angelversary, or ask friends and family to contribute and name the tunes that are a reminder.

  • Release butterflies

Butterfly Celebrations says that butterflies are a beautiful symbol of freedom, love and the beginning of a new journey. It offers butterflies you can release as a beautiful tribute on someone special’s angelversary.

Butterflies on lavender

Have a special ceremony

  • Host a silent disco and dance to their favourite tunes, go for a walk or day-trip somewhere they loved, or plant a tree and raise a toast.

If faith was an important part of their life, a minister may be happy to mark an angelversary with a prayer or dedicated service.

Create a piece of memorial jewellery

  • Memorial jewellery is a special way of keeping someone you love close to you each and every day. From name necklaces to engraved rings and keepsake jewellery with ashes, there are countless options. A charm bracelet’s a special way of adding a unique reminder every year.

heart shaped locket

Cook their favourite meal

  • Cooking aromas can evoke strong emotions and memories, so cooking a favourite meal for family and friends is a lovely way to remember happy times, on an angelversary.

Pull out old photo albums

  • You could reminisce over old photos, or ask everyone to write their happiest memory of someone on a notecard, and pass them round to read out loud, around the table.