25 January 2018

For Adrian, these snapshots of an family day out on the river one endlessly long summer, bring back special memories of his dad.

“Just the other day was taking my son on a boat trip around a lake. Just me, him and a bag of crisps between us.

It suddenly took me right back to my dad’s love of taking us out on rowing boats and pedal boats. Dad absolutely adored being on the water.

Adrian and his brother on a boatA day out, a boat and a big bag of Monster Munch each. Magic. Adrian's on the right, pictured with his older brother

We rarely saw Dad, during the week, because he worked long and arduous hours throughout the week, a solid provider for all of us. But my dad lived for the weekends and his family.

As children we take so much for granted, especially that we will always have our parents around us. I was 11 years old when I lost my father.

That’s that’s 28 years and counting this coming June. Yet somehow, it feels like yesterday that we were told Dad would not be coming home.

Adrian and his dad on a boatAdrian’s dad Graham lived for the weekend and days out like these with his boys

The year that my dad passed, the Berlin Wall came down, Maggie Thatcher was still Prime Minister and the prelude to the Gulf War had begun.

It’s the little things that reconnect you to a distant past

Big things were happening in the news, but these events seem so distant and vague to me, compared to to the immediate pain my family felt at my dad’s sudden passing.

A loss, especially for a child, makes little sense. It’s surreal even. Yet, my memories of my father are all positive, because he gave me what I felt was a textbook childhood.

Adrian's dad rowingRow faster, Dad!

I feel like the list is endless in terms of the utterly amazing things we did as a family each weekend.

Now, through my little boy of four, I am suddenly reliving my own childhood. It’s the little things that reconnect you to a distant past.

It’s quite extraordinary that such memories can suddenly hit you in a Deja Vu- like fashion. I guess that just goes to show the power of emotions that connect a parent and child, or someone that means so very much to you.”