15 June 2018

Father’s Day can be a day of mixed emotions, if your dad’s no longer here to celebrate it with.

These celebrities have spoken about the memories that keep their own much-missed dads alive in their hearts.

##Saying it with flowers

fathers day memorial flowersPicture: Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Actress Kate Beckinsale was just five when her dad, actor Richard Beckinsale, died.

Richard was the much-loved star of Porridge and Rising Damp and was only 31 when he suffered a heart attack.

Paying touching tribute to her dad, Kate revealed that his best friend sends flowers to her and her mum, on the anniversary of her dad’s death every year.

In an Instagram message on his anniversary this year, Kate thanked Richard’s fans for keeping her dad alive with their love – saying that the family miss him, every day.

  • A remembrance rose is a beautiful way to remember someone by – there’s even one called My Lovely Dad.

  • Forget-me-not seeds are also something you could scatter, in a place that brings back special memories of your dad.

##Making Dad proud

fathers day message proud of you

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi and son Robert have continued their animal-loving dad’s legacy. Robert, 14, is a talented wildlife photographer, while Bindi 19, shares her dad’s passion for wildlife conservation.

Both children were very young when Steve died in a a freak accident, whilst diving with stingrays in 2006.

Bindi says one of her happiest memories of her dad was made not long before he died. Aged just eight, she helped him put a tracking device on a young crocodile – and her dad had every faith in her, when she said she could do it herself.

“He believed in me,” she said, “and all I wanted to do was make him proud.”

  • A charity challenge that takes you beyond your comfort zone could be a winning way to honour someone’s memory. As Bindi shows, though, she only had to be herself to make her dad very proud.

##A very special snap

fathers day memories on camera Picture: Azfan Nugi on Unsplash

Actress Naomi Watts was aged just seven when her dad, Pete, died.

Naomi’s mum and dad had split up several years before Pete, a sound engineer with the band Pink Floyd, died – and Naomi said she grew up with little more than three grainy photos and two memories of him.

Then, in 2017, a Pink Floyd fan approached her, with an old photo of the band. The focal point of the photo was a young man looking directly at the camera. It was Pete, Naomi’s dad.

The picture was the first clear photo the actress had ever seen of her dad – and the first time she’d ever seen his smile.

Naomi has said that one of the things she’s missed most about life without her dad, is the support he might have given her. “As an adult you think, gosh I’d love to have my father’s advice on this pickle – whatever that pickle is,” she said.

  • Why not ask family and friends to share photos of your dad that bring back memories from long ago, or that tell a heartwarming story you never knew about?


fathers day cakePicture: Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have both shared memories of their late dad, Robert, on their social media sites. To mark his birthday in February, they both posted photos on Instagram that brought happy memories flooding back.

Kourtney shared a picture of Kim and herself as girls, wearing Flamenco-style dresses. “Kim wasn’t as happy with her dress as I was,” she joked.

In a touching personal tribute, Kourtney told her dad that she misses him every day.

Kim shared a snap of her smiling dad, writing: “Miss you so bad.”

She revealed that she’d ordered her dad’s favourite cake to celebrate his birthday.

  • Sharing a favourite food, or special meal with family, is a lovely way to bring back memories and start a conversation about someone you love and miss.

##The holiday of a lifetime

fathers day wish you were here

Chat show star Ellen DeGeneres revealed how a photo of the only holiday her family ever took, brought back very happy memories of her dad Elliott.

Ellen, who broke the news to viewers in January that her dad had died aged 92, said the snap had been taken on a trip that included a tour around Warner Bros studio lot, where, fatefully, her show is now made.

She said Elliott had been so very proud about what she’d achieved, as she reflected on her “very kind” and accepting dad.

  • It’s amazing how many memories a snap from an old family album can bring back. Why not dig out the family album and scan your favourites? Share them with family and friends and discover the memories of their own that they bring back.