22 January 2018

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you...I could walk through my garden forever.”

So much has been said about roses... and a rose can say so much.

Which one of these beautiful remembrance roses best say something about someone you loved?

Simply the Best – what more needs to be said?

Bright Smile

a yellow Bright Smile remembrance rose

Bright Smile is a cheerful remembrance rose that produces lots of flowers when it comes into bloom in the summer.

Always You

salmon pink remembrance rose Always You

A remembrance rose with a message from the heart, the Always You rose has salmon pink flowers and a beautiful perfume.

Loving Memory

Red remembrance rose Loving Memory

Loving Memory is a red remembrance rose with beautiful, classically-shaped flowers and a subtle fragrance.

Absent Friends

Peach remembrance rose Absent Friends
Absent Friends is a sweetly-scented memorial rose for someone who is never far from your thoughts.

Summer Sweetheart

Pink remembrance rose Summer Sweetheart

Such a pretty rose for conjuring up sweet memories – and this one's a climber, perfect for around the front door, or an arbour you can sit underneath.

Thinking of You

Red remembrance rose Thinking of You

With a name that says it all, the Thinking of You rose has deep crimson flowers and a wonderful perfume.

Sweet Memories

Pale gold rose Sweet Memories

The Sweet Memories rose is a lightly scented, pretty, pale yellow remembrance rose. It’s virtually thornless, too.

Loving Memories

Red remembrance rose Loving Memories

This classic remembrance rose produces lots of delicately-fragranced flowers throughout the summer – a bloom for every thought.

Simply the Best

Yellow remembrance rose Simply the Best

Simply the Best – what more needs to be said? This beautiful remembrance rose is stunning – and has a sweet perfume.

Eternally Yours

Red and silver remembrance rose Eternally Yours

The Eternally Yours rose’s red petals are frosted with a shimmer of silver. This remembrance rose helps support a charity, the Rotherham Hospice Trust.

Precious Love

Pink remembrance rose Precious Love

Covered with beautiful pink blooms through summer, the Precious Love rose is a special reminder of someone. It helps raise money for charity Child Bereavement UK.

Never Forgotten

Red remembrance rose never Forgotten

A reminder of how someone will always be on your mind and in your heart, Never Forgotten is an eye-catching memorial rose with a heavenly scent.

Mum in a Million

pink remembrance rose Mum in a Million

With pink flowers the size of a teacup, the Mum in a Million rose is a beautiful living memorial to choose. You can also find this memorial rose as a ‘standard’ – a tall-stemmed mini-tree.

Love Never Dies

Red remembrance rose Love Never Dies

Sweetly scented and perfect for growing on a patio, Love Never Dies expresses in flower what you know to be true in your heart.

My Darling Wife

Peach remembrance rose my darling wife

There’s a host of roses dedicated to special family members, including My Lovely Dad, My Darling Husband, My Mum, and this beauty, My Darling Wife.

Name Your Very Own Rose

It’s a rare honour to have the kind of best-selling rose that’s launched at the Chelsea Flower Show named after you. But that doesn’t mean you gave to be super-rich or famous to dedicate a unique rose in memory of someone.

See how it grows
rose hips

Seed kits are an affordable name-a-rose option to gift and see how it grows. Find them from £14.99 at online gift stores.

Gift it
a pretty pink rose

Rose growers like Country Garden Roses offers the chance to buy unnamed rose bushes that you won’t find anywhere else, from £34.95. Each rose is a one-off, with a certificate recording who you have chosen to name it for.

Club together
a pink rose on a bush

Growers produce hundreds of different new rose varieties but only a few will end up being officially launched every year.

Every new rose is trialled by growing between 25 and 50 plants. Although many are beautiful, some can be just a bit too similar to varieties already in the shops. World of Roses is among growers to offer the opportunity to buy these roses as a complete package, from around £500.

The rose you name after your loved one won’t be available for anyone else to buy. It will be exclusive to you and the family members and friends who receive one.

Keep your roses smelling sweet

a little girl sniffs a rose

Check the label

Some roses put their energy into a breathtaking display of blooms that last a few weeks, while others can ‘repeat flower’ between late spring and early November. If you are choosing a rose to mark a special anniversary in summer, check for growing guides detailing when they come into flower.

  • Some roses, especially those via the post, come ‘bare-rooted’ and can be planted in winter months. These are great value, but can look pretty uninspiring – not much more than a few roots and stumpy branches.

  • Don’t worry: they should start showing signs of life in the spring! World of Roses has some easy planting tips to follow.

  • In spring and summer, you’ll find roses to plant straight out in the garden or for you to grow in a pot. These may even have a few rosebuds ready to bloom.

a red rose growing in a pot on a balcony

Room to bloom

Some roses need plenty of space in the garden, while others, especially patio roses, can live happily in pots. Some varieties of rose can suit either and it’s worth asking if you’re unsure.

Look out for some varieties as lollipop-shaped ‘standardnes,’ which have a stem and make a lovely garden feature.

Feed me

A small boy watering a rose

Roses are quite easy to grow, but can need plenty to eat and drink when they are coming into bloom, so the flowers look their best. Roses grown in pots usually need a bit extra TLC.

You can find plant food at garden centres and big supermarkets. The RHS has this handy guide to keep your roses in top condition.