1 February 2018

Meet a very special teddy bear called Angus Wallace, who is doing important work keeping memories alive.

Angus is among the Travelling Teddy Bears who bring comfort to children when they are greatly missing someone.

How’s my little brother in Heaven?

The Travelling Teddy Bears are sent on missions around the country, by charity Daddys With Angels. Their duty is to be a friend to families who have lost someone very close to them and then pass their special memories along.

A little while ago, Angus Wallace travelled to a little boy in Scotland to visit Lennon, who had sadly lost his baby brother a few months earlier.

Lennon and teddy Angus Wallace Lennon and Angus Wallace quickly became firm friends

“The travelling bears join families on walks to the park, or meals at the pub,” says Daddys With Angels founder Paul Scully-Sloan, who says his charity work keeps memories of his own angel-baby, Travers-James, alive.

“The idea of the bears is to remind families of the special memories they once shared with their loved one.

“After a couple of weeks they send the bear to the next family who’ll do the same.”

##Teddy bear on a mission

When Angus Wallace was sent on a mission to Scotland to visit Lennon, the pair quickly became inseperable.

Lennon and Angus Wallace love watching TV togetherLennon and Angus Wallace love watching TV together

Lennon’s mum, Cheryl, says every so often, she will overhear a conversation from behind her little boy’s bedroom door.

“How’s my little brother in Heaven doing this morning, Angus Wallace?” he’ll ask his teddy.

##Best friends

“Lennon talks and Angus Wallace listens. It’s his job to listen, and that helps make the hard days a little better,” says Cheryl.

“I can’t thank Paul and everyone involved with Daddys With Angels enough.”

Paul Scully-SloanAngel dad Paul Scully-Sloan is helping families build happy memories

Although most travelling bears have a mission to visit lots of families, Angus Wallace has found a forever home with Lennon.

“Although our bears are meant to travel on to other families, I made an exception for Lennon and allowed him to keep Angus Wallace,” explains Paul.

“The teddy bear has helped helped him turn from a sad little boy to a happy one.”