Chasing rainbows

Ben says he's not superstitious, but something special happens every time he senses his much-missed grandma is near

A badge of honour: Our Missing Peace

Nicole has launched a heart-shaped badge campaign in memory of son Ben, so other bereaved mums and dads can show they’ll always want to talk about their child

Dad’s prom princess

Jessica Dallow’s ballgown is a reminder of how proud her dad Tom was of his beautiful girl, when she made her entrance at a very special prom held shortly before he died

Elizabeth's Footprint

Natalia Spencer walked the entire British coastline in memory of her beautiful girl. Now, she's taking on a new challenge to raise £1 million for a children's charity

Forget Me Nots

After her mum and dad died, writer Allison Gilbert was inspired to think of 85 creative and happy ways to keep someone’s memory alive

Marvellous memory bears

Kay McEllen makes unique teddies to treasure, each with their own story to tell, including in memory of a hero soldier and a much-missed Corrie legend

Photo: Carley Buick Photography

My Daddy Is My Superhero

Michaelagh Broadbent’s husband Harry has a brain tumour. She’s written a book, My Daddy is My Superhero, for their two young sons when he’s no longer there

Team Lewis

A family’s mission to make unforgettable memories with their beautiful boy


Create a special space to be at one with the memory of someone you love

Memories in miniature

Missing her lovely dad, Catriona was surprised to see two familiar faces when she unwrapped an adorable gift from her friend

Bear Hugs

Travelling teddy Angus Wallace listens to little Lennon’s memories of his much-loved baby brother

Something to hold onto

"Like a hug from their mums" Caring Sian Nunn made beautiful quilts for four children, in memory of two amazing friends

Summer days

For Adrian, old family snaps of summers days out on the river, bring back special memories of his dad

His Bright Smile

For Penny Thompson, a special yellow rose is a reminder of her husband. Here’s the lovely story why


A day for keeping memories alive

The perfect dress

Melanie’s wedding dress became a gift from the heart for babies born too soon