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When the people you love are no longer with you, memories are everything


My goal for Mum and The Christie

Football fan Lee Thorpe’s marking his mum’s angelversary on a tour of 92 England league clubs in 92 hours, to support the hospital that cared for her

Making Memories

Sister Act

After her sister Gemma died very suddenly, Joanne ran a year-long half marathon challenge in the mum-of-three’s memory, to support a charity that’s there for bereaved children

Memoria Stories

Tree of Eternity

Inspired by the loss of her daughter Kelly, Kim Silverberg’s created a memory tree of photos in her café, in remembrance of children who are grieved

Making Memories

Hope after heartbreak

After a wonderful family holiday turned into a parent’s worst nightmare, Leif Kelly helped create a sanctuary for other dads to grieve

Memoria Stories