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When the people you love are no longer with you, memories are everything


Because of Blake

From an obstacle course dressed as wrestlers, to a hedgehog-rescue run, Elaine's taking on some weird and wonderful challenges in memory of her little boy

Memoria Stories

Write Charlie's Name

Reg Thompson has made it his mission to tell the world that he has the most beautiful, fantastic daughter who ever lived.

Memoria Stories

Hello My Name Is

Caring campaigner Dr Kate Granger was a familiar face within the NHS. In her 34 years of life, she made a huge impact. Her husband, Chris Pointon, is doing everything he can to maintain her inspiring legacy.

Memoria Stories

Sing Your Blues

As a teenager, singer-songwriter Jack Kelly felt lost when his dad, John died. Then he found his granddad's old guitar and a box of John's favourite records and began letting the feelings in

Making Memories